Extensive Genealogy records at Lecompton

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Come to the Lecompton Historical Society meeting this Thursday evening (10/08/15) and have a chance to speak to our local genealogy expert Iona Spencer.  Iona has been collecting information on our ancestors for many decades: painstakingly indexing obituaries, recording family histories, clipping newspaper articles, and gathering information.  It’s a fabulous collection of material from Big Springs, Stull, and the Lecompton area!  Potluck dinner starts at 6:30pm on Thursday in the lower level of the Territorial Capital Museum (640 E. Woodson) with Iona’s program starting at 7:00pm.  Iona Spencer’s great-great-grandfather was George W. Zinn.  In the photo above, Iona is pointing at his picture in an exhibit in Constitution Hall in Lecompton.  Zinn served on the House of Representatives in Constitution Hall in Lecompton in 1857 when the Free-Staters were the majority.

2 Comments on “Extensive Genealogy records at Lecompton”

  1. James LeVeque

    Hi, I am seeking information on the identity of the parents of EDWARD MAHONEY, born in Lecompton on 9/18/1862; Edward died on June 1, 1955, in Chanute, KS. Where would I search to find this information on Edward? Thanks for any help.

    1. LecomptonKS

      Hi Mr. LeVeque,
      We have volunteers that will do research for you for a donation to the museum. I can send you our research request form, if you’d like.
      Thank you,
      Lynn Ward, Curator
      Territorial Capital Museum

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